October 24th 2015 archive

Images on my Blog

During my Week 3 Challenge I learned a lot about how to use images on my blog. One thing that I learned is that you cannot just google a picture and then give credit for it, you must find an image that states that the public is allowed to use it then give it credit. I also learned that if I post an image that is one of my own I must state in my post that I have permission to use the picture. I also must say that other people cannot use this picture because it is copyright to my family and they must have permission. The Week 3 Blogging Challenge really helped me with using images on my blog.



For my Week 3 Blogging Challenge, an Activity that I had to do was to add a new widget to my blog. I added the calendar to my sidebar because I like how my visitors can click on the days to see when I posted something. It also helps me organize my posts. If you have a blog you might consider adding a calendar to your’s because it is very useful. If you already have the calendar, how is it useful for you? If you don’t, what widgets do you have?

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 2.47.10 PM

»This is a picture off of my right side-bar of my calendar. Please do not copy.«


Someone Who has Recently Passed Away

A family member of mine passed away just a few weeks. Her name was Julie, and I chose to do my Activity 2 Week 3 Blogging Challenge on her because she was a close part of my family. Julie was, one of, my aunts, and she was not very old at all when she was diagnosed and when it took her from my family.She was a fighter for quite some time, until the cancer got the best of her. She passed away from cancer on October 8, 2015 just recently.

Pink for October * Lazo rosa

Creative Commons License jacinta lluch valero via Compfight


A Favorite Time with my Family


One of my favorite times with my family is when we are on vacation. I love to travel to different places and in the picture above my family and I were in Durango, Colorado last winter. This is my sister and I at the ski resort that we stayed at. I had a great time skiing with my family and I will never forget it. We had so much fun skiing down the slopes and sledding in the powdery snow.

»I have permission to use the picture above. Please do not use this picture it is copyright to my family and you must have permission.«