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My Mission Statement

Principles are important rules that you set to live by in your life. It is important that you follow those rules so you live up to your mission statement. A mission statement is what you want to do, based upon your principles, during your life.

It is important that you follow your principles so others can trust that you are self-motivated, and stick to your goals. Your mission statement will also help you remember your standards that you have set for yourself, and your values that you believe in. Without a mission statement, you wouldn’t have standards or rules to live by, you wouldn’t know what you are trying to accomplish and achieve in your lifetime.

By focusing on your mission statement each day, you will be on the right path to becoming successful! Have you written a mission statement for yourself? If you have, what principles are you trying to follow?

My Mission Statement

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Attitude is EVERYTHING!

Your attitude plays a major role in your life. In fact, your attitude is everything. If you have a bad attitude you’re going to have a bad day, if you have a good attitude you will have a good day. 

Every morning you have a choice whether or not you are going to have a a good attitude. When you have a positive attitude you will see the good in things within your daily activities. You will stay calmed and relaxed in times of stress. You will also, be satisfied with the little moments of joy throughout your day, because you will begin recognizing them when they happen.

One day I had a great attitude during a volleyball game, this made myself, and the rest of the team, have a positive flow on the court. Sometimes, I will get a bad attitude on the court, and the rest of my team feels down and we don’t do as good. Your attitude does not only effect yourself, but the people around you as well. It is important to know when you have a bad attitude, so you can change it and not let it get out of hand. So, do you make the right decision every morning when you roll out of bed?

Zig Ziglar Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude

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Positive and Negative Thoughts

Your thoughts have a powerful impact on everything else that you do, think, and say. By controlling your thoughts and understanding what they can do to your body, you can live a better life by knowing how they affect you in many different ways.

When you have positive thoughts, you will have a good attitude and good things will come from them. You will succeed in the things that you do and you will be happier than when you have negative thoughts. When you have negative thoughts, you have a bad attitude which holds you back from achieving the things that you want to. 

Automatic thoughts are thoughts that come to your mind automatically that you are unable to control during a situation. These thoughts are ours and they can be quite distinctive to us. They can come from our present or past experiences or prior knowledge that we know. Are the thoughts that pop up good or bad? When these thoughts pop up in our head, it is important to try our best control them as much as possible.

Reframing is when you are able to take a negative situation and make something good come from it. When someone says a negative comment to you or someone you know, and you say something positive to turn the situation around, this is reframing.

Emotionally Healthy people are people who think positive thoughts, which help them do better in life. They are able to control their thoughts and think well of themselves, instead of concentrating on the negative thoughts in their minds and the negative comments from others. This helps them succeed in life with their own problems, and they are able to help those around them by assisting them with their problems.

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What are you doing to control your thoughts? Is it working?


Road to the Revolution

The past few weeks in my Texas History class I have been learning about the Texas Revolution. Here are a few of the major events and battles that occurred in Texas History.

Battle of Gonzales- The Battle of Gonzales began the battles of the Texas Revolution. When the Texans refused to give Mexico back their cannon, a small skirmish broke out among the Mexicans and people of Gonzales. On October 2, 1835 the cannon was fired and a flag was raised with their cry “Come and Take It”.

Texas Declaration of Independence- On March 2, 1836 Texas became Independent from Mexico. While Santa Anna and the Mexican army were laying siege on the Texans at the Alamo, delegates, including Sam Houston, were at Washington-on-the-Brazos forming the Declaration of Independence. They had to act quick since Santa Anna and his army were near by in San Antonio. On March 2, 1836 the Texans finally declared their Independence from Mexico.

Battle of the Alamo- On February 23, 1836 Santa Anna and his army laid siege on the Texans at the Alamo. The Mexicans outnumbered the Texans with about 2,000 men to nearly 200 men. William B. Travis was the commander during the Alamo who sent for help from others across Texas. In his famous letter it ended with “Victory or Death”. He only received 32 men from Gonzales for help, as the others had difficulty getting there. On March 6, at 5 o’clock in the morning, the Mexican army attacked the Alamo. The battle lasted around 90 minutes with the Mexican army victorious.

Goliad Massacre- On March 27, 1836 James Fannin and his group of Texans were captured by the Mexican army in Goliad. They were lead out into a field and shot. All 300-500 men were shot and killed there on the spot. Fannin was stubborn and not a good leader. Texans became riled-up, and ready to take action against the Mexican soldiers after this and the Alamo.

Battle of San Jacinto- On April 27, 1836 at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the Mexican army were taking a nap near Harrisburg (today known as Houston, TX). No one was on lookout, so the Texans found the perfect opportunity to attack. Lead by Sam Houston they attacked the Mexicans killing 630 men and prisoning 730. It lasted for only 18 minutes. There were only 9 Texan deaths at the Battle of San Jacinto. During the battle Santa Anna had ran off. The next day, April 22, they found him located in a field, in regular soldier clothes, among the grass. In order for him to be released and not stay in jail, they made him sign the Treaty of Velasco for their independence.

Treaty of Velasco- On May 14, 1836 the Treaty of Velasco was signed by Santa Anna and Sam Houston. This ended the Revolution Era and made the Rio Grande the Southern border of Texas.

Jon-Michael's Graduation Weekend

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What are important battles or events that occurred in your state’s past?


Important Lesson Learned

This week in Teen Leadership my classmates and I had to give a speech over “An Important Lesson that You have Learned”. I decided to give my speech over a lesson that I learned when I was younger.

When I was 8 years old I left the gate open to my family’s backyard where our chocolate lab, Ginger, stayed. I forgot to close it behind me, and when I went inside the house through the back door, she got outside the fence. She had to be fenced in because she would run away just like she did in this case. My sister found the yard empty about an hour later, so my family and I went to our neighbor’s homes asking if any of them might have seen her. Luckily, she had wandered up to one of our neighbor’s home, who put her in their backyard until they could find the owner.

After getting her back, I had learned my lesson by my family constantly reminding me to close the gate behind me so I wouldn’t risk loosing something so important to me.

coach won't let me play in the big game today

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Closing the Gap

This post is about closing my gap between my values and my everyday life. I would like to close this gap so I don’t have to pretend or hide anything in front of my friends and family.

I will be able to close this gap by showing who I really am and acting like myself to the people around me. I want my values to show when people see me so they know what I support and stand for.

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How I want Others to See Me

When people look at me I want them to see me a certain way. Self-Image is how you want to be seen by others. I want to be seen as a trustworthy, positive, caring, loyal, and responsible person.

The first way that I would like to be seen is trustworthy. I want people to know that I am a trustful person and that they can trust with anything. By being trustful they will see me as a friendly person.

Another way that I want to be seen, is in a positive way. I want people to know that I want people to do well including myself. I want people to not think of me as a negative person, but as a positive motivator.

The next way that I would like to be seen by others is caring. I am not a rude person; I care for those who need help. I want others to know that if they are in need I am willing to help them. 

After caring, comes loyalty. I want people to see me as a loyal person that they can depend on and trust no matter what happens. I have firm and constant support to others around me.

Finally, I would like for others to know that I am responsible. I am able to keep up with my classwork and belongings. I want them to know that if they need someone to rely on with anything, I am the person they can ask.

Here are some ways that I would like for people to know and see about me. How do you want other people to see you?

Strength of my heart

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My Personal Brand

Personal brand is something that describes yourself and shows what you love, your strengths, your values, and your passions. All of these things make up how you are unique from others. Our personal brand is a part of our image and it helps others see who we are.

One thing that makes up my personal brand, is the things that I love or enjoy doing. I love playing sports, spending time with family, and spending time with friends. I enjoy each of these things because they are spent with me surrounded by the people that I care about.

Another piece that makes up my brand, is the things that I value in my life. I value my personal time spent worshiping and learning more about God. I also value trust and relationships between other people.

Finally, the last part of information that makes up my brand is my strengths. One of my strengths would be math because it comes natural to me. I am also good at reading and it is something that I enjoy to do in my free time.

This is what makes up my personal brand and makes me unique. All of these things I am very passionate about.


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Muddy Adventure Featuring Corrie’s Driving

Over Christmas Break my friends Kynlee, Maryn, and I went to our friend Corrie’s house for her birthday party.

The Friday that we got out of school we rode home with her and hung out at her house. We rode on the ranger and watched a movie. Later that evening we went to her party at the local fairgrounds and it lasted through most of the night. When we got home, just after twelve, we went straight to bed.

The next morning, we woke up and drove around on the ranger around noon. We drove by her cow who she calls “Baby Cow”. Then, we drove around the pasture, and then finally behind a pond on their property. We left the pond and decided to head back towards the house. There was a gate close by that could get us to the house quicker instead of turning back around and going the long way. There was only one problem, the ground by the gate close by was covered in mud. Corrie drove up by the edge of the mud puddle and then she gunned it through the mud. The tires were halfway in the mud and we got stuck in the middle of the mud puddle. We put it in 4-wheel drive and tried to back it out of the mud, but the ranger wasn’t moving. After trying (and failing) to get it out of the mud, Kynlee and I decided to walk back to the house (which was quite far from where we were at). Corrie and Maryn stayed and continued to try and back it out.

Once at the house we got her sister Jacie to take the other ranger to them, so she could try to pull them out. Later, her dad then came and got it unstuck by putting the ranger into a gear that we had no idea about.


Soul Surfer I POSSES

»Soul Surfer«

This week in Teen Leadership my class and I watched the movie Soul Surfer. While we watched the movie we had to fill out a packet about the I POSSESS skills. Bethany was the main character in the movie whose arm was bitten off in a shark attack. She showed all of the I POSSESS skills such as empathy, social skills, and self-awareness. She is very caring and is confident in herself. She was a fighter once her arm was bitten off by continuing to train by having persistence. She inspired many others to have confidence in themselves. She also inspires me to never give up.


Interpersonal Skills






Social Skills


Ilha de Ons, eaux turquoise et plage, A Lanzada, commune de Sangenjo, comarque du Salnés, province de Pontevedra, Galice, Espagne.

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